As the COVID-19 pandemic saw the end of the day in Pakistan, more fabricated animal stories started doing the rounds. In the long term, these tales could undermine conservation efforts.

Here is a video that proves that the pictures are fake.

It all started when a group of heartbreaking images showcasing emaciated lions in a zoo in Karachi sparked a frenzy and went viral on social media.

However, the pictures turned out to be fake.

Since the lockdown was lifted, photos of famished lions in a zoo in Karachi circulated the globe and immediately caught our attention. It was reported that due to a lack of financial resources, the animals were left to starve.

To get to the root of the problem, we visited the zoo but learned that everything circulating on the web turned out to be fake.


The pictures of the starved and frail lion at Karachi Zoo was actually a picture from Sudan.

Moreover, the management of Karachi Zoo said, "People are allowed to come here and see the condition of animals with their own eyes."