In every person's childhood, ZOO visit was the most anticipated picnic of the year, for most of us. Everyone can vividly remember the excitement during the journey and the fascination upon reaching the zoo there are feelings one you can never forget and when I was a child It was my love for animals that took me to several zoos. Since I lived the better part of my childhood in the city, these were the only places where I got a chance to come up, close and personal with my favorite animals. When I look back, those are the memories I cherish the most.

History of Karachi Zoo

The history of Karachi Zoo is based on the administrative report of 1949 of the corporation of the city of Karachi. Accordingly, Before Independence Karachi Zoo was commonly called as "Mahatma Gandhi Garden" in the year of 1878 and then in 1861 the zoo was transferred to the municipality by the government. In 1878, the municipality placed the zoo under a trust to be developed out of the public subscription. Later, the zoo was once again opened to the public in 1881. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the name was changed to "Karachi Zoological Gardens" or "Karachi Zoo". 

The total covered area of Karachi Zoo is 33 acres. It contains so many species of birds and animals including elephants, zebras, ostriches, turtles, lion, tiger, wolf, bear, peacocks, parrots, ducks, snakes, fishes and many more. The best part is one can feed elephants directly. There is a big garden called Mughal garden. A fish aquarium containing many tanks of different species of fishes, a reptile house containing dangerous snakes and a history museum also, a Train facility is also available for a zoo visit. There is a children play area also containing different kinds of swings. A small lake is also present where one can enjoy boat rides. Every activity is very reasonably priced. Karachi zoo is an affordable recreational activity for young and old people. Many of us cannot afford privately maintained facilities. 

Renovation of Karachi Zoo

The on-going development work at Karachi Zoo, part of the Karachi Mega Project might be delayed due to the lack of attention of our authorities. Being under the jurisprudence of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, the official concerned should be held accountable for the maintenance and renovation of the zoo. The renovation work will improve Karachi Zoo, which is one of the few public recreational spaces in the city and a tourist attraction. I request the concerned authorities and the zoo management to look into the matter and do something for the uplift and management of the oldest zoo in the city.