Age is nothing but a number and there are some 80 and 90 plus-year-olds who enjoy very full lives and who rarely take days off. Queen Elizabeth II is certainly one of those people. 

Her time of being in lockdown could be hard to bear as she usually enjoys a structured life with fully booked calendars. 

Worldwide lockdowns affect everyone including the Queen, which means she has a lot fewer meetings, canceled events, and parties. The Queen’s annual royal garden parties had to be canceled last year, which almost never happens! The garden parties may not happen this year as well.

Additionally, tourism to the palaces has waned which means fewer funds for the Crown.

The Queen is a woman of duty. Whether she is conducting an audience, tending to her patronages, or family matters, she welcomes whatever duty awaits her. Queen Elizabeth is appreciative of the live-in staff that has sacrificed to help keep her safe.

She will be 95 and her prince will be 100 in a few months and yes, her life has slowed down dramatically on lockdown. She has more time to spend with her ailing husband whom she is very devoted to.

Lockdown and isolation have been a time of rest and relaxation for the Queen. Though the Queen has been extremely dutiful for a large portion of her life. she would imagine that she is somewhat appreciative of the current lockdowns.

Queen didn’t think that after giving the okay for Harry and his wife to step down as senior royals, that she and the family would go on to endure a pandemic. But such is life, you never really know what will happen. Though the Queen lives a very structured life, she is certainly able to handle the curveballs in life. The most poignant one that she encountered was taking on the position of the monarch when her father, King George VI died unexpectedly.

Elizabeth II was not the most confident at that time and still had quite a bit to experience and learn. The Queen should be satisfied as she has performed supremely well as a monarch. Lockdown or not, she has remained steadfast and committed to her duties even in old age.