It's been 9 months into 2020 and the world marked so many Disasters. I mean, 2019 was bad but god damn it 2020.

The year 2020 has seen its fair share of major historic events in the world. So here are some major moments that happened in 2020 so far.

The year 2020 started off with a terrible bushfire fire in Australia that has been burning for months, consuming nearly 18 million acres of land, causing thousands to evacuate and killing potentially millions of animals.

Iran has admitted it unintentionally shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet last week, blaming human error and “US adventurism” for the crash. Killing all 176 people on board.

The death toll from severe flooding in and around the Indonesian capital of Jakarta has risen to 66 as parts of the country continue to reel from heavy rain that began on New year’s eve. Landslides and flash floods have displaced more than 36,000 in Jakarta and the nearby provinces of West Java and Benten, according to the ASEAN coordinating center for Humanitarian Assistance(AHA). These are the worst floods Indonesia has seen since 2013. When at least 29 people died in the aftermath of torrential rains.

China recorder its first COVID-19 death on January 11. WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on march 11th 2020 over 5.7 million COVID-19 cases have been recorded. Several countries have still shut down their borders.

The TAAL volcano of the Philippines exploded on 12th January 2020. Over 3 lakh people had to be evacuated. This was followed by 2,484 volcano-tectonic earthquakes. 176 of those earthquakes were felt. Several countries are still sending AID to help the Philippines to recover.

Trillions of desert locusts have swarmed various parts of the globe, In Pakistan alone, 5 states have been badly affected. This is the worst locust attack in 27 years. The locust does not harm humans but is deadly to crops. The locust has destroyed 50,000 hectares of cropland.

Thanks to climate change, Antarctica's snow is melting at a rapid rate. This is causing an Algal Bloom which is terrible to the cold continent.

on 22 May, A plane crash that killed 97 people in Pakistan last month was a result of human error by the pilot and air traffic control. The passenger plane was en route from Lahore when it crashed into a residential area in Karachi, after trying to land at the city's Jinnah International Airport.

We pray that 2020 gets better over the next 3 months.