Canada is very similar to the US in many aspects, from the nature to cities. Some say it’s what the US has the potential of being. Some say it’s the "new" USA where all the immigrants hope to go. With low population, plenty of resources, need for workers, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and world-renowned cities, it seems like the new immigrant’s dream.

Canada offers a kinder existence to people. With its social services, free healthcare, not-so-expensive colleges, less violence, polarized politics, crime and division than in the US. Some also say and have proven that Canada pays less in taxes than Americans, and get more from them.

If all of this clicks with you, Canada might be the place to be. But despite all of that, I find Canada to have far, far, far less opportunities than in the US.

Salaries in Canada are much lower. For example, the average Nurse salary in the United States is $139,332 as of December 28, 2020. A person working as a Nurse in Canada typically earns around 95,500 CAD per year ($75,000 USD). Almost half a cut.

Housing in Canada is extremely expensive. The average home in Canada is $377,000 USD not including Greater Vancouver and GTA (otherwise add $122,000 CA to the average) Meanwhile, the typical home value of homes in the United States is $263,351 USD.

Although incomes also rose in Canada over the past decade, they were easily outpaced by growth in home prices. The average Canadian is currently looking at home prices 56% higher but has an income only 15% larger.

Lower purchasing power. I picked a city, Timmins, Ontario, one of the most affordable cities in Canada. And also picked Houston, TX, a semi expensive city. Despite cheaper groceries, rent, and consumer prices in Timmins, local Purchasing Power in Timmins, ON is actually 44.77% lower than in Houston.

The average vacation allowance in Canada is about 2 weeks, same in the US. Exceptions exist in both countries. So unlike Europe, it doesn’t get that much better in Canada.

Vacation & Paid Time Off: Legal Requirements in Canada Minimum Requirements: An employee starts to accrue vacation entitlement after five days of employment. Employees are entitled to 10 working days vacation per year in B.C. After five years of employment your employees are entitled to 15 working days vacation in B.C.

It’s much harder and takes longer to get a good job in Canada than in the US.

Some people have quoted moving from US to Canada as “moving to a tundra with half a paycut and free healthcare” of course, gross generalization. But for me, the only reason I would consider moving to Canada besides exhausting my 50 State options and relocating across the US, would be to be in a more kinder place with less drama and free healthcare.

That’s it really, otherwise I would be at a loss considering the purchasing power, good weather and salaries in the US. However, for other people, it would be more than worth it if they land a good job in Canada.