Colonialism brought about orderliness, massive infrastructural developments. As a matter of fact, most of the federal roads we have in Nigeria are the ones paved and constructed by the whites. Every subsequent government only renovates it.

Increase in population. It has nothing to do with orderliness and development. We are our own problems. Yes, the westerners add to it, but that’s because we invite them either through our actions or inactions. Today, Jamaica and Canada, are still under the United Kingdom, but check out the difference between the two countries.

According to trading economics, Nigeria is expected to earn $250b in 2020 and projected to be up to $450b in 2021 and 2022, yet every year, we borrow money from China even to pay salaries! The investigations by the senate and other revelations have shown how much wealth is being looted by government officials! Imagine how far the economy would have spurred if these monies were actually invested in infrastructural development or other factors of the economy.

China borrowed Zambia money and they failed to meet up with the payment, what do you expect?

Until African countries begin to look inward for their own progress, they’ll always be ‘the other people’, poor and debtors. AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COLONIALISM.