The sexuality for nerd lovers or something more?

Is Sapiosexual a real thing?

Believe it or not, there is some controversy about whether sapiosexual should be classified as a real sexual orientation. Some argue that its more or less just a dating preference, not something scientific or biological at all.

Basically Sapiosexual does not conform to the old and known. He is aware of his limited knowledge and seeks to expand it more and more. The word sapiosexual defines someone with a sexual and sentimental tendency towards people with higher levels of intelligence.

In 2018, there was a study done by the scientific journal intelligence, which concluded that there is a small percentage of people who get aroused by intelligent conversations.

How do you know if you’re a Sapiosexual?

Maybe you’re curious to know, or maybe you’re saying out loud “again with the labels!” Fear not, it’ll all make sense in a few minutes.

The sapiosexual refers to a person who bases his physical and emotional attraction on the intellectual level of the other. Sapiosexual is also a person with some intellectual basis, although this is not necessarily true in all cases. 

What does it mean to be a Sapiosexual?

Well, it doesn’t mean an attraction to nerds, and sorry to disappoint but its not an attraction to the sexy librarian some of you fantasize about. The definition of sapiosexual is one who is sexually attracted to a person’s intelligence, whether that persons look like a nerd or Natalie Portman, who has a 140 IQ and graduated from hardware university.

People attracted to intelligence typically find situations like intellectual debates and discussion about one’s passions in life very arousing. A similar term, sapiophile has been used in the past to also describe attraction to intelligence.

How do you know if you are a Sapiosexual?

While there’s debate about all of this, there's no debating whatever you fell, and that’s the most important thing that matters here. So what do you feel? Are you wondering if you’re a sapiosexual? Well, you’re in luck, we have some signs or you. See if you think the following statements apply to you.

"I find people attractive as I get to know them", “I think the great conversation is better than casual sex”, “I’m most turned on by what people know rather than what they have”, I can’t stand bad grammar”.

If you answered 3 or more of these questions right then congratulations, you’re a sapiosexual.

How to date as a Sapiosexual?

Surprisingly, you might have a pretty easy time dating. Intelligent people aren’t hard to find if you look in the right places. Look on forums related to your intellectual interests. If you’re into science, literature, or Minecraft, find a forum or website with a community of people who share your interest. Spark up a conversation about it and be natural. It could turn into something special.

How to be in a relationship with Sapiosexual?

Your cute face and hot bod might get their attention initially, but it's not going to keep it. If you wanna win a sapio’s heart, you’ll need to dish out some knowledge you have. If you don’t have much, you might be out of luck. But don’t act like you know something you have no clue about like microbiology. Share your knowledge about those things. That’ll get him or her thinking about a relationship with you in no time.

Why do people identify as Sapiosexual?

Generally, people do it because they do find intelligence attractive, but it also been perceived as a counter-cultural statement to the hookup culture. While there’s no judgment for those who practice casual sex, they want it to be known and respected that. It's not a practice they’re interested in.