The Queen Elizabeth II will abdicate in one year time and make Charles king, it has been claimed. Her Majesty will step down at the age of 95 letting her son take over as Prince Regent while she is still alive. Queen Elizabeth, at 94, is the oldest and longest-serving monarch following her coronation in 1952.

For many years now it has been apparent that Prince Charles has been stepping up his duties as The Queen reduces her own. This is a sure sign that Prince Charles is preparing for the role that he will one day fulfil, though not just yet. To completely dispel any idea that abdication is the word on The Queen’s lips at the moment.

The people don’t want her to abdicate. A long time ago, the people might have supported the Queen’s abdicating. That was back before Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage imploded for all to see, says The Week. “It wasn’t until the end of the 1990s that the Prince’s reputation began to pull out of its nosedive.” However, public support of the Queen’s turning the throne over to the Prince of Wales has not risen significantly. Recent surveys show that a full 70 percent of the United Kingdom would prefer the Queen remain in power for as long as she lives.

Abdicating the throne and appointing a regent are two very different things. The Daily Mail article which indicated that Queen Elizabeth II might soon retire cited rumors that she was planning to appoint Prince Charles as “Prince Regent” on her 95th birthday.

According to the Regency Act of 1937, this type of appointment only happens under very specific circumstances. Even if she does go ahead with the appointment, it doesn’t mean she’ll stop being queen.

The public may love the queen, but they certainly don’t care for the next monarch in line – which is a big reason why they don’t want Queen Elizabeth to even think about abdicating the throne. Prince Charles has a shockingly low approval rating thanks in part to his disastrous divorce from Princess Diana.

Some citizens even hope that the Queen will change the line of succession, appointing popular Prince William as the next king. However, there’s almost zero chance of that happening.