As we all know the Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit as senior royals earlier this year and moved to North America. The royal family was upset about his decision. Especially Prince William was so angry with Prince Harry's behavior over Megxit that he "un-brothered" him.

Prince William and Prince Harry didn’t speak to each other for two months after Harry and Meghan’s bombshell announcement that they were quitting the royal family, and the relationship is still strained.

Buckingham Palace sources have said that the Queen was "hurt" when the Sussexes jumped the gun and announced they were stepping down before an exit plan was in place.

The bombshell announcement in January triggered a crisis at the palace, forcing the Queen to call the unprecedented "Sandringham Summit" at her Norfolk home so that the situation could be sorted out and then It was agreed by the senior royals and their aides that the Sussexes could leave the royal family to become financially independent, but while they would retain their titles they would not be allowed to use them. It came as a major blow for Harry (who also had to give up his military titles) and Meghan, who were counting on their "Sussex Royal" platform to earn an income.

Among William's frustrations were claimed that Harry and Meghan had given the palace just ten minutes notice over their announcement to quit the Royal Family. It was the last time Harry and William spoke at length as aides and courtiers were left to hammer out the finer points of the Megxit terms.

Now Prince William and Princess Kate have been left carrying out royal engagements during the coronavirus pandemic. Although Harry and Meghan have continued to make public announcements on their new life including their multi-million-pound Netflix deal.