Pakistan has reported 11 deaths in the last 24 hours by novel coronavirus as the number of positive cases has surged to 332,993. The nationwide tally of fatalities has jumped to 6,806.

The national body noted that the spread of the virus and the increased positivity ratio is 80 percent in 11 major cities of Pakistan. As the second wave looming, the National Command and Operations Centre on Wednesday made wearing face masks mandatory in public. But do you where coronavirus come from?

It all started in late 2019 when someone in China at the world-famous Huanan seafood market in Wuhan was infected with a virus from an animal(bat) and the rest is part of an awful history still in the making, with Covid-19 spreading from that first cluster in the capital of China’s Hubei province to a pandemic that has killed several people so far.

There is uncertainty about several aspects of the Covid-19 origin story that scientists are trying hard to unravel, including which species passed it to a human. They’re trying hard because knowing how a pandemic starts is a key to stopping the next one.

Many say what’s most likely is that viruses originated in bats. But that’s where his certainty ends. On the hypothesis that the virus emerged at the Wuhan live animal market when someone ate bat. Part of the problem is that the information is only as good as the surveillance. but it is still unproven.

One statistical study looked at a characteristic of the virus that evolved to enable it to latch on to human cells. Pangolins were able to develop this characteristic, but so were cats, buffalo, cattle, goats, sheep, and pigeons.

Another study claimed to have ruled out pangolins as an intermediary altogether because samples of similar viruses taken from pangolins lacked a chain of amino acids seen in the virus now circulating in humans. The study Holmes worked on suggested that the scenario in which a human at the Wuhan market interacted with an animal that carried the virus was only one potential version of the Covid-19 origin story. Another was the possibility that a descendent of the virus jumped into humans and then adapted as it was passed from human to human.

Analysis of the first 41 Covid-19 patients in the medical journal the Lancet found that 27 of them had direct exposure to the Wuhan market. But the same analysis found that the first known case of the illness did not.

Experts say on previous coronavirus outbreaks that have stemmed from animals, says the idea the link to the Wuhan market is coincidental “cannot be ruled out” but that possibility “seems less likely” because the genetic material of the virus had been found in the market environment. But we don’t know how accurate the origin story.