If you’re lazy and unmotivated this how you can turn your life around when I was depressed and had social anxiety the biggest thing that I noticed was that I was in a constant state of apathy. This is the lowest level of consciousness that you could be in it means that you are kind of lethargic self-loathing. You’re just laying there being a victim. You don’t even want to try you’re not upset you’re not angry you’ve just kind of accepted your faith and you’re sitting or lying there defeat it and no wonder you’re lazy or unmotivated your whole train of thinking is based around feeling like there’s nothing you can really do but you see the quickest way to snap out of this is not through trying to be joyful and happy.

Set all the goals you want to accomplish in your life or even trying to force yourself to be motivated and passionate by trying to find your way. If you’re an apathy and you’re lethargic you’re lazy and unmotivated you need to get angry at life at how you’ve been living so far you need to say enough is enough this is what completely change my life. One night when I was sitting watching Netflix, at the time I was just doing normal job I thought that’s it I want to make something of myself I want to make a difference not because I was so inspired and happy and everything was perfect and I was so motivated and I went to some seminar but because I got pissed off I decided enough was enough I am not gonna stay where I am anymore.

I am angry and frustrated and I don’t want to keep experiencing this. It just felt like I had no real control of my life and that really really made me upset it’s all not asking you to revolutionize the way you think or make some kind of magic switch or take a pill that’s gonna everything feels much better I am just asking you to get angry at your self and grad everything around you angry at where you are in life right now and say to yourself that enough is enough now I want to change and its time for me to step up its time for me to try something different because obviously so far it just hasn’t been working out for me. Now the moment that you get really angry something awesome happens you start to feel this little pull its like wait now I can do something because now you have energy the power of your life where you were lethargic and constantly an apathy is over now you’re pissed off and you’re gonna do something about your situation from there.

It’s pretty simple to look at the areas of your life that you want to improve in look at what you want to accomplish start thinking about at least one thing that you would really really like to experience for yourself it started with getting rid of your social anxiety and decide that you were not going to feel like you couldn’t talk to people or that you couldn’t communicate or that you couldn’t connect so you just worked on that one skill purely because you felt like you had enough and you wanted to get good at it further down the line .

There would be many opportunities to improve your way of thinking. You can decide that you’re gonna be a high consciousness person and meditate to workout a lot and have all these great habits but it starts right here it starts by getting pissed off when you decide enough is enough that’s the day that your life will change forever countless celebrities account their success to that one day or that one moment where they just said that’s it. I don’t want to live like this anymore whether it's coming from a poor background and a family that maybe was not so well off or even being abused or being in really bad relationships you have to get to the point where you say that’s it I don’t want this anymore.