“Smile, because it confuses people. Smile, because it's easier than explaining what is killing you inside.”
― The Joker - Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker was nothing short of iconic and since the Batman villain made his live-action debut back in the 1966 Batman series, the clown prince of crime has had plenty of memorable quotes, many of which feel vaguely inspirational and motivational. That got us thinking since the Joker movie arrives in theaters on October 4, 2019.

This Joker movie is an origin story set in Gotham in the 1980s that aims to once again add depth and sadism to a character who was a little underwhelming in his last big-screen appearance, in 2016’s Suicide Squad, where he was played by Jared Leto. Leto’s performance, like Suicide Squad as a whole, wasn’t well-received — which, following Heath Ledger’s iconic version of the character from 2008’s The Dark Knight, has left fans particularly eager for a better representation of the Joker in the years since. Fans are hoping for a reset, a return to the hallowed and menacing figure from the comic books. And given the trailer, and what we’ve seen of Phoenix’s macabre performance, it doesn’t seem like fans will have to wait very long. 

Joaquin Phoenix wrestled with playing the Joker before he signed on to Todd Phillips’ latest film. Phoenix said that  “I mean honestly, it wasn’t an easy decision at first,” Phoenix said. “I didn’t f–king know. I didn’t. But then there was something that was drawing me toward it. It just evolved as we worked together. It started becoming something more than I anticipated. It was one of the greatest experiences of my career.”

The Joker arguably established itself as one of the most iconic characters in a movie and these Facts about Heath Ledger, the man who gave life to the character of The Joker. Here are some Twisted facts you didn’t know about heath ledger’s portrayal of the joker

Heath wanted to be Batman

Heath Ledger may have played the greatest joker of all time but like everyone else he wanted to be Batman when the auditions opened for instead he landed the role of the joker, in the end, he was the best person for the part and he even ended up winning an Oscar for his performance he isn’t the Oscar for his performance he isn’t the only person who was rejected for a role the only to land a better one Jennifer Aniston auditioned for the part of Monica on the Tv show friends but landed Monica on the tv show friends but landed the role of Rachel she says that was the role of Rachel she says that was the best possible outcome number two Keiths best possible outcome.

Heath Ledger portrayal of the joker terrified Michael Caine

Heath was able to bring out the psychotic side of the villain Michael Caine played Arthur in the Dark knight he says that he had never seen anyone play the role better than heath, in fact, Pete's performance scared him out of his mind. Caine stated that between the clown makeup and heath’s psychotic performance makeup along with a dark sense of humor working with heath was a frightening experience this goes to show how great heath played the role.

Heath was the first actor to win an Oscar for playing a villain

Many actors know that if you want to win an Oscar a superhero movie isn’t going to do it Oscars are typically given to actors who star in art films or films that have very strong messages when heath won the Oscar for his role as the joker it took everyone by surprise because that never happens in fact he was the first and only person to win an Oscar for a performance in a superhero movie also he was the first actor in history to win an Oscar after he passed away sadly heath didn’t live long enough to accept the award himself.

He locked himself up in preparation for the role

Many actors use method acting to improve their performance. In order for an actor to truly their character, they start to live just like that character not only does this help the actor physically it also helps them psychologically to prepare for his role as the joker Heath isolated himself from the world he did this to see what it would feel like to be the joker. it helped him greatly and he was able to imagine what it was like to be insane. He did have to stop the method acting after a while because it was harming his relationships.

Heath was inspired by Clockwork Orange

When he landed the role of the joker, he took inspiration from a character in the movie clockwork orange the movie came out in the 70s and it was considered one of the craziest movies of its time he used the same strange mannerisms as a character in the movie to make his insanity appear more authentic he really nailed how a crazy person would act you at the extra mile for this part and it really showed in the final cut to the movie.

He wanted Christian Bale to beat him

As I previously mentioned Heath wanted to go the extra mile for this role he took his method acting so far. He asked Christian Bale to beat him up Christian played Batman at the dark Knight and there was a scene where batman was questioning the joker and the fight Heath wanted the fight scene to look as real and authentic as possible so we asked Christian to fight him for real. He was willing to undergo the pain of the fight just to make the movie great his offer shows how dedicated he was to making the joker amazing.

The joker journal

On the set of the Dark, Knight Heath was known for doing odd unexpected things when he was acting he didn’t want to get out of character some of the people on set didn’t agree with the extreme lengths that he took through in his mind. He took the role seriously and did so because he was dedicated he kept a journal with him on set where he would jot down the ramblings of what sounded like a crazy person some of the things he wrote in the journal were dark and twisted some people thought that he was beginning to lose his mind after a while.

The joker was a true genius

There has always been a debate regarding the joker some people say he is just crazy others say that he is a genius. Heath wanted to play the role so that the audience could see that the joker was brilliant in his madness. Heath did everything with little rationale but with strategy when he played the Joker he had logic behind his plan for the role and it served him very well.

Heath liked to improvise

Not too many actors improvise however those who do like Heath Ledger take it very seriously to do things on the spot the actors need to be extremely talented while filming. The Dark Knight Heath often improvised. He was so good at it that most of his improvised scenes made it into the final cut.

Heath Did his makeup

There was a makeup artist on the set of the Dark Knight to do Heath’s Joker makeup. He wanted to put a personal touch on the character so he did his makeup instead he said he wanted his makeup to look like it was done by a crazy person. He worried that if he left it up to the makeup artist there would be professional quality. He insisted on doing his makeup himself so that it would look like a crazy person painted his face.

Heath often looked like a madman on the set

Heath loved to skate and everyone knew this which is why there were not surprised that he did it on set the only problem was that he did it dressed as the Joker the environment on the set was positive and relaxed for the crazy person skating around in full makeup for some that was very off-putting.

He had a Glasgow smile

When creating his look and applying his makeup. Heath used a Glasgow smile this was a famous gang in Scotland the group of criminals would cut their enemies in the mouth from ear to ear this was so that their enemies would remember it for the rest of their lives. Heath was inspired by this when creating his makeup.

The explosion was not in the script-it was Heath

This is one of the most twisted facts you probably didn’t know about Heath ledger’s portrayal of the joker in the scene where the jokers dressed like a member of the hospital staff is amazing the explosion was supposed to occur later in the scene however heath took the remote and he created the explosion before anyone was expecting it he wanted it to look real and he wanted the other actors to have an authentic reaction to it also he stated that it was exactly what his character would do.

The jokers mask

Heath improvised a lot during the movie as we’ve mentioned there was one scene that stood out the most when the joker is robbing the bank he is wearing a mask the mask was actually the one that the man who played the joker in the series during the 1960’s more Heath believed that he would make the scene as authentic as possible.

Heath's deaths impacted the movie

Many people believed he got so wrapped up in the character that it caused him to go into a deep depression because he passed away so soon after the film wrapped. He wasn’t around for the post-production work many famous actors stood in for him during post-production many of them were friends of the actor. These people donated the money that they made in post-production to Heath’s daughter.