In these modern times, there’s been a notable change in how we manage our periods. There are more choices for a start including organic tampons and even period pants but do you know what women used in middle ages?

During the medieval period there is a lot of religious shame surrounding menstruation. The religious shame during medieval times gave periods a bad name. There was a view that cramps were "a reminder of Eve’s original sin."

In that time Blood is thought to contain the body’s toxins and excesses, hence the use of bloodletting as a medical practice. Menstrual blood is considered dirty, and some even believe that drinking it will cause leprosy.

Admittedly pain relief in the medieval times was not what it is today. There would have been herbal and natural aids to ease pain or symptoms. These were not offered up to menstruating women. Which sounds like punishment for them.


Medieval women, as you probably already know, didn’t wear underwear or at least they didn’t have a garment like underpants. A woman’s shift functioned as her underwear. Its function was to protect the outer dress from body oils and stains.

When a woman had her period that time, they used a garment that looked something like a bikini bottom. This garment would be lined with rags. if the woman was very poor, it might be lined with moss or some other absorbent fiber. Most women would have laundered the rags after use and stored them for the next month’s usage.