Self-isolation and social distancing are important tools to help prevent the spread o Covid-19, so it’s something that we all need to be doing. Research says that social distancing does create more distance between us and a greater of loneliness and isolation, which can negatively impact our mental health.

It can also disrupt our normal routines and our normal relationships, which help us to stay healthy at the best of times. There are a lot of tools available through social media, through apps.

We live in a virtual and technological world that allows us to connect with people in ways we never could before. For those who are practicing social distancing, particularly those who are on self-isolation.

Humans are social animals, and being isolated can have a big impact on our health. This is an important way of reaching out and maintaining relationships and connections to others.

Sleep is critical to good mental health, but a new schedule or the lack of one can cause sleep disruptions leading to grogginess, disorientation, and low mood. Keeping track of time in isolation becomes challenging.

We know our bodies need high-quality “fuel” for good physical health, so it’s logical that our brains need that same good nutrition to perform cognitive functions, boost and regulate mood, and process our thoughts and emotions.

If you aren’t able to walk, simple stretching or gentle yoga yields benefits as well. Explore new types of exercise to find a variety of things you can do to activate the release of endorphins, which trigger happy feelings. Mark your calendar and make regular time for physical activity to enjoy maximum mental health benefits.

Loneliness stems from feeling disconnected on an emotional level and is personal in nature, so increasing social time doesn’t always solve the problem. While most of us experience loneliness in our lifetime, chronic loneliness is painful and associated with a variety of serious health issues, including depression and anxiety.

Everyone looks for those around us who might be struggling with loneliness and reach out to them just to find ays that we connect with them through social media console them or motivate them.