Yes, indeed, most Japanese do not like to exercise at the gym. Of the 127 million Japanese only a very tiny fraction ever go to a gym for any reason.

In Japan, people aren't obsessed with exercising and going to gyms because they don't have to be; rather, their overall lifestyles provide them with better health benefits than the purported health benefits of American exercise culture.

We barely see in japan sweating it out in the gym or jogging on Saturday mornings because Japanese people's physical activity is a part of their daily life. From a small age, kids walk to school, bike to friends’ houses, and climb up and down hills as they navigate their city. An adult’s commute may include a bicycle, a walk to the bus stop, or a trek up and down the stairs of a train station or two. Either way, people get moving.

Japanese food is also a good way to stay fit. As you know, Japanese food is known as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world. When you feel hungry around lunch time, you should go to for Japanese cuisine rather than KFC or McDonald’s.

For Japanese people, green tea is the drink of choice in the morning. They also drink it during the afternoon break or serve it to guests in a show of hospitality. Several times a day, they will fill a small teapot with tea leaves, pour in hot water, and let it brew for a few minutes. In restaurants, tea is provided free of charge as soon as diners are seated, and refills are given as often as the customer wants. Tea is an essential part of any meal because Green tea is known to have the power of boosting the blood vessels and circulatory system and stave off germs. It is this Vitamin C that gives green tea the attribute of being an effective means of fighting off colds.

So if you want to stay fit and healthy follow the Japanese lifestyle.