For more than a year Star Larkin lived without a heart but this 25-year old didn’t become a heartless Tin Man. Stan Larkin wore an "Artificial heart" in a backpack 24/7 for 555 days, which pumped blood around his body and kept him alive. The success of the procedure suggests that the device could be used to sustain other patients with total heart failure while they're waiting for a donor.

Stan was the first patient in Michigan to test out this new medical equipment in 2014. He must put it on like a bad thing going to school actually use the artificial heart as a mechanical pump to bridge him to heart transplantation.

Stan was diagnosed as a teenager with heart failure, which is known as a "Syncardia" instead of waiting in the Michigan hospital for a transplant 555 days to be exact this 13 pounder let him leave previously the artificial heart patients had to stay in the hospital and stay in the intensive care unit waiting for their transplant sometimes for months and months but now he’s going to have the opportunity to go home and had no stressful situation.

Stan said once in an interview that "It was an emotional rollercoaster," He said at a news conference when he described living with the total artificial heart that was implanted to keep him alive until a donor's heart became available. I feel so much better I feel like before I ever had any heart problems. I saw something I could do whatever I wanted to games.

Stan received his donor heart on 9 May 2016 and fully recovered from the procedure. He shared his story, which he called an "emotional rollercoaster", with the press to raise awareness about the people living with heart failure, and the need for heart donors.