It’s no big secret China managed and even beat the virus at home before just as the pandemic was becoming a major issue elsewhere. It’s also no big secret how they did it.

The most severe lockdown imaginable. None of these "please wear a mask if you go outside" No - at the height of lockdown in Wuhan, residents were only allowed out once every five days to get essential supplies.

If you didn’t wear a mask you were chased back home immediately. Don’t worry, you can survive without food for five days. Drones patrolled the skies looking for violators at one point.

In the West this is utterly unfeasible. The police force isn’t large enough to carry it out, the technical systems are not deployed, they often aren’t legally permissable and the electorate wouldn’t tolerate it anyhow.

A Western government that tried to do what China did would be voted out of office in the next election at best and probably get a vote of no confidence within a week or two. Westerners take privacy and limited government seriously.

In some cases, such as a global pandemic of a deadly respiratory virus, that’s a bad thing and what you actually need is an overbearing state with a security apparatus that can snoop around and do as it likes.

While COVID-19 still remains a worldwide issue, China recovered from COVID-19, providing hope for the rest of the world. Scientists and medical professionals have yet to finalize the development and distribution of an effective vaccine. But in the meantime, China’s efforts prove that recovery is possible with proper safety measures. By implementing strict lockdown measures, widespread normalization of mask usage and social distancing guidelines and showing proof of good health, other countries can follow in China’s footsteps.