In Indonesia, Fisherman find An extremely rare baby albino shark with just one eye.

The One eye baby shark was found inside the belly of an adult shark, which had died after being caught in nets as the fishermen sailed across Maluku province on 10 October.

Fishermen were shocked when they stumbled upon a baby shark with 'milk'-like color, the shark only had one eye in the middle of its head - its fins and other body parts already formed.

The fisherman reported their find to the local marine office, before handing over the rare baby shark, which was already dead when they found it.

It turns out the baby not only had albinism - which would have forced the shark to producer low amounts of melanin, hence the pigment in the body.

Also, It’s a Cyclops shark it’s an exceptional case because of birth deformity that causes the embryo to form only one eye instead of two.

A fisherman was found three babies inside the shark who accidentally caught in the net.