Everyone knows who Albert Einstein was. After his discovery of the theory of relativity and his celebrity status is indelibly marked in history. But do you know of his son, Eduard Einstein?

Eduard Einstein’s life-story is sad, and he was a problem to his father almost as soon as he was born. Eduard Einstein was born on July 28, 1910, in Zurich, Switzerland. He was the second son of physicist Albert Einstein and his first wife, Mileva Maric. In 1903, Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) married Mileva Maric (1875 -1948), a Serbian mathematician who was his fellow student at Zürich’s Polytechnic in Switzerland. Mileva was four years older, but this didn’t him.

In 1914, Albert took his family and they moved to Berlin, Germany. Albert and Mileva’s marriage soon dissolved. Their divorce was finalized in 1919. The divorce apparently affected the boys greatly. After Divorce in Zurich, Mileva took care of the education of her sons. Eduard, a very talented pupil, made an especially good impression due to his highly intellectual and musical talent. Despite the separation, Einstein often visited his sons and Mileva in Zurich. Eduard passed his A-levels in 1929 as one of the best students. Afterward, he began to study medicine. He wanted to become a psychiatrist.

At the age of twenty, Eduard began to suffer from schizophrenia. It was at this time fell in love with an older woman at the university. Ironically, this was exactly how Albert Einstein met Mileva as well. Eduard’s affair also ended in disaster, something that worsened his mental condition. His health declined and, sometime in 1930, he attempted to commit suicide and in 1932, He was officially diagnosed with schizophrenia and was admitted to Burghölzli, a psychiatric sanatorium in Zurich.

He was often struck by illnesses that left him weak and feeble. Because of this, he frequently skipped family trips with the rest of the Einsteins. Albert kept contact with his children through letters.

Eduard brother Hans Albert expressed his concern regarding these doubtful medical treatments saying that they were damaging Eduard’s memory and cognitive abilities. Albert Einstein paid and accompanied his ill son to various sanatoriums, but things did not change for the better and then Eduard had a nervous breakdown and he told his father that he hated him.

In 1933, after the rise of Nazi Germany, Albert Einstein emigrated to the United States. Eduard stayed in Zürich together with his mother who cared for him until her death. Albert Einstein never saw his son again, but they wrote letters to each other. Eduard lived with his mother but had to be moved to an institution when she died in 1948. Thought, he was a sick man, he was not an ignorant person. He loved music, art and wrote poetry.

In 1965 Eduard Einstein died of a stroke at age 55 at the psychiatric clinic in Zürich. Eduard, the forgotten son of Albert Einstein is today buried at Hönggerberg Cemetery in Zürich.