Queen of England has always supported her son Prince Charles decision but What does Queen Elizabeth think of Camilla Parker Bowles and her relationship with Prince Charles?

Prince of Wales and Camilla Shand are shown to have a deep and intense romance, and not the royal family not approved of Camilla because she was married and Diana had only been chosen because of her virginity and her suitability to be the breeding for the next heir to the throne.

When Diana turned to the Queen in anguish about Charles’s affair with Camilla, the Queen told Diana to suck it up. The Queen totally supported her son Charles’s illicit affair with Camilla. That’s a pretty tough attitude to receive from your mother in law when you are bringing up her grandchildren, the heirs to the British throne.

The Queen blamed the marriage breaking down on Diana rather than the fact it was loveless from Charles’s side before it even began. Diana needed an emotional component to her marriage. The Queen loathed Diana for not sucking it up, not staying quiet, not being able to cope with her marriage being in tatters.

The Queen Elizabeth I has always accepted Camilla as a suitable partner for Charles unofficially. Officially Charles should not have been allowed to remain in the line of succession and marry Camilla while she still had a living ex-spouse but the Queen has made a way to bend the rules in some unprecedented way for that to occur.

Elizabeth I has always been unofficially supportive of Camilla and since Diana has died she has been officially supportive of Camilla to the fullest extent possible. I think it is fair to say, on account of the Queen’s behaviour, the Queen has been very fond of Camilla for many decades.