In film industries many actors have body double but does the Queen have a body double?

Queen Elizabeth II conducts hundreds of engagements every year and has undertaken tens of thousands in her lifetime, her royal duties are certainly a dedication and might typically get tiresome for the aging sovereign.

While the monarch doesn’t have a physique double, she has an analogous system the place Ella Slack typically stands in for Her Majesty. Ella Slack, the woman who has been standing in for Queen Elizabeth II for over 30 years.

In Ella's long career as the ‘Rehearsal Queen’, Ella has stood in for Her Majesty at important rehearsals for state occasions, including Trooping the Colour and the State Opening of Parliament.

Although Ella seems nothing just like the Queen and neither does she have any comparable bodily traits that might qualify her for a physique double, however with some addition of make-up and attire, she might completely match into the function. But she has played an important role as a behind-the-scenes "stand-in" for the Queen over the past three decades.

Ella has never been allowed to sit on the throne at the House of Lords, I have to lurk above it. It’s a very strict rule. Also, Ella has never accepted any payment for the service she provides, describing it as a “pleasure and an honor.”