The Queen liked Meghan Markle initially. Her Majesty liked Meghan’s work ethic, as compared to her worries that Princess Kate wasn’t working enough But that Turns out wrong.

The Queen judged both of them incorrectly, and now Queen Elizabeth adores Princess Kate, with her willingness to go through three pregnancies with such a terrible illness each time, and Princess Kate knows her patronages and works very hard.

Queen Elizabeth thought Meghan would stay true to her word and work as a royal, and she was excited to have Prince Harry’s wife energize the youth, along with the vitality and interest in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But the Queen is sad it didn't work out, according to royal sources.

We know the Queen’s opinion of Markle changed after she had been married to Harry for just a very short while, as Her Majesty never gave her jewelry from the royal collection to wear. Angela Kelly, the Queen’s dresser, is the one who helps Princess Kate out when choosing what royal jewels she can wear, but Meghan was never offered anything other than the Diamond Bandeau tiara she wore at her wedding to Harry.

Freedom from the monarchy comes at a cost. While the Queen may like Meghan as a granddaughter, she does not like her as a royal.