The royal family used to love their cigarettes in the past and when Elizabeth took the crown in the early 1950s, smoking was also an extremely popular social and leisurely activity. Not only does the Queen not smoke but on the day that she married Prince Phillip, HE quit smoking because she objected to it so strongly.

When Queen Elizabeth II inherited the throne, she was one of the few members of her family who did not smoke. Nearly all of them were addicted, including her father, King George VI, her sister, Princess Margaret, and even her grandmother, Queen Mary.

The Queen, who observed how tobacco shortened her father’s life, never took up smoking. Her younger sister Princess Margaret smoked heavily. It was indeed glamorous to do so in the days when Margaret began her puffing. To a degree, smoking showed later on in Princess Margaret’s skin and appearance.

Smoking along with sun exposure are cited by dermatologists as the major causes of wrinkling aside from normal aging. The Queen’s abstention has served her well given that her face has been on the currency for decades now.

As is well known, smoking also puts you at risk for heart and lung conditions. The Queen has enjoyed a long and active life while avoiding the pleasures of smoking. Princess Margaret’s vibrant life was cut short in her 60s when she began to suffer ill-health related to strokes. She died sadly in 2002 before her mother, the Queen Mother.