More than two decades ago, The world was shocked by the loss of Princess Diana. Princess Diana had a feeling she was going to be killed based off the handwritten note she left stating her husband.

Prince Charles, was planning to have her killed through brake failure in a car accident. “Coincidentally”, that is exactly how Princess Diana’s life was taken.

Diana also disclosed her entire relationship with prince Charles around 1996, when the divorce was finalised. She told the press how “they were always with three in the marriage”.

Due to the power and influence Princess Diana had in the world, and being such a threat to the British Royal Family. Diana was threatened by prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, with death threats. The royal family was losing popularity in masses between 1992 and 1996. Diana divulged everything that happened at the royal palace, to the press. 

On the evening before lady Diana would lose her life, the Russian intelligence services, the KGB, were in Paris. The KGB noticed that there were members of the MI6, the British intelligence services, present in Paris and they wondered what they did there. A Russian writer has disclosed that the KGB was convinced that MI6 was behind the deadly car crash of princess Diana. You can read his book. His name is Sokolov.

Prince Charles said to the doctors in the hospital where Diana died in Paris, Pitie Salpetriere, “Mes felicitations” which means as much as “Congratulations” . What concerned father would say such a thing when the mother of his children passed away mere hours before? After Diana’s passing he had an easier time remarrying his ugly frog, miss Parker Bowles.

Diana always had such severe trust issues with anyone she came in contact with because she never knew if the person was “for” or “against her.” For all she knew, any person she may be talking to could be someone linked to higher powers in the British Royal Family or government or MI6 and gathering personal information from her like where she was, what she was doing, who she was romantically talking to.

Princess Diana captured the nation's hearts with her honesty, grace and the fact she genuinely seemed to care about others. she wasn't afraid of death. Her life was beautifully tragic in every way possible.