Hitler was capable of love. There are a lot of aspects of Hitler’s life which are open to debate. Whether he loved his mother isn’t one of them. Quite the opposite. It appears to be universally accepted that if he loved no one else in this world he loved her. Let’s break it down.

Adolf Hitler was the third child of Alois and Klara Hitler. The previous two died at a very young age. Understandably, this made Klara very concerned about baby Adolf’s wellbeing. Compounded by the fact that her husband was a brutish man with a bad temper, it appears she put an incredible amount of time and energy into caring for Adolf.

As he turned into a typical, mischievous young child she appears to have overcompensated for Alois’ abusive disciplinarian tactics by overcoddling him. As much as Alois punished young Adolf, Klara rewarded and praised him.

They had a special bond. Whether it was the isolation that a broken home can bring upon a family, the fact that he was her first child to survive infancy, or simply providing her son with a source of love that he was deprived of elsewhere.

Tragically Klara would develop terminal breast cancer. Upon finding out how ill she was he moved back home to take care of her. The characteristic lazy, waywardness was all but put on hold as devoted himself to the care of his mother.

Hitler devoted himself to her care. Helping with the household chores, moving his mother into the kitchen (the only place with heat) and moving a couch in there so he could be close to her.

Her death shook him to his core. There is no doubt that Klara’s illness and eventual death were a major turning point in Hitler’s life. For the next 30+ years, he would travel with a picture of her. And when he killed himself 38 years later it was her photo that was found inside the bunker. If there was only one person Hitler truly, unconditionally loved in his life it was his mother.