In the US, a president can serve two terms and they can be non-consecutive. Donald Trump lost the presidency, but his opponents so far have not achieved the victory they want most. So, Could Donald Trump come back to power in 2024?

President Donald Trump has failed to win his re-election bid against Democratic challenger Joe Biden - but it may not be the definitive end of his time in power. Under the US Constitution, however, even though Trump has lost the election, he could still pursue the Oval Office again in 2024.

Although, President of America Joe Biden will not serve a second term. He has already promised that during his 2020 campaign. Nevertheless, in Biden's case, considering his age in 2024, which is 82. Perhaps Kamala Harris, the Vice-President who has just been elected alongside Joe Biden, will be the one to face him.

Donald Trump dreamed of taking his revenge in 2024. For him, the presidential race of 2024 has already begun. In four years, Mr Trump will be 78 years old, only a year older than Joe Biden is right.