Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day and many people have cornflakes or other cereals in their breakfast because Corn flakes a breakfast cereal considered an "elite" thing to have in breakfast.

Cornflakes were created by William Kellogg in 1894. Did you know that he invented this "breakfast cereal" in hope that such kind of plain food and its consumption in the morning(s) would stop people from masturbating?

Yes, William Kellogg worked as a physician who staunchly believed that sexual activity was unhealthy and immoral for people. According to him, sex "damaged" the minds and souls of humans. Therefore he always slept in a separate room from his wife and never had his children. Instead chose to adopt all their children.

William Kellogg thought that meat and rich flavored foods increased sexual desire. That's why he ended up inventing corn flakes because plain foods like nuts and cereals suppressed it.

With this in mind, William set about making a range of plain tasting breakfast foods that would once and for all put a stop to these impure desires and with the help of his brother John, Will Kellogg promoted cereals, especially corn flakes (maize), as a healthy breakfast food.

They started the Sanitas Food Company around 1897, focusing on the production of their whole-grain cereals. At the time, the standard breakfast for the well-off was eggs and meat, while the poor ate porridge, farina, gruel, and other boiled grains. The brothers eventually argued over the addition of sugar to their product. In 1906, Will founded the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company, which later became the Kellogg Company.

Cornflakes also can be part of a healthy breakfast but are low in fiber so not as good a choice as a wholegrain cereal. Adding a piece of fruit will help to balance your breakfast as well as making it more filling to eat.