If you were alone on Pluto, you would probably go a little psycho. Or a lot psycho. If you were with a small group, you might all go crazy with cabin fever and kill or eat one another. But you might surmount the ill effects of isolation by use of virtual reality and continual (if delayed) communications from Earth and successful, rigorous screening before mission participants were selected.

But you have survived on Pluto (somehow) for five years. Your bones are weakened no matter how much you exercised and your physiology may be all screwed up by then.

In fact, your heart and bones might not be able to survive returning to Earth (not after the effect of the years to get to Pluto and the years you have spent there) without intensive and long-term rehabilitation that might not succeed and which would be prohibitively expensive. Your retrieval is most doubtful. It turns out it was a one way trip.

Therefore, my guess is that if you lived on Pluto for five years, that is where you would die, never again enjoying blue skies, green fields, vast forests, deserts, the smell and feel of an open atmosphere, the warmth of the Sun on your face, or the sight of the oceans of Earth and smell of the sea.