Today even though in some countries women have been given many rights, but there are such places in the world, where women still have a bidding today. Yes, Bulgaria is a country where you can buy a bride of your choice by paying.

Let us tell you that the bridal market is decorated in every four years at the place of Stara Jogor in Bulgaria. This fair is organized by those poor families whose economic condition is not good.

These people cannot afford the expenses to marry their daughter. Girls can be taken in a bridal dress in this market. These brides include girls and women of almost every age, Often family also come with a boy to buy a bride.

First, the groom chooses the girl of his choice and then he is given a chance to talk to her. When he likes the girl, he accepts her as a wife and gives fixed money to the girl's family members.

The family has to adopt that girl who is liked by a boy in the market and this rule is strictly followed. The bridal market is held by the people of the Kalaidzhi community in Bulgaria.

Families also come along with girls in this market. This trend of selling and buying the bride here has been going on for centuries and there is no legal bar on this. A similar market appears in India’s Madhya Pradesh.

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Most of the girls at the bride market are between the ages of 13 and 20. Often, girls removed from school since the roles for women tend to predominantly revolve around taking care of the home and the family. Only 10% of Bulgarian Roma women have secondary education, and 1 in 5 women are illiterate.