Pakistan is a land that has a lot of talent and if I say, 'hub of talent' it won't be wrong. Many children of this nation have gone on to do great things and have made their mark around the globe. Our youth has, time and again, demonstrated to the world that Pakistan refuses to be overlooked in any aspect, be it education, sports, IT, acting or even video games! One such locality is of Lyari which is a thickly populated Karachi neighborhood that was previously always in the news for its violence occurrences. However, over the years that has changed and now Lyari is a peaceful, welcoming area and a hub for growing arts and culture.

Asim and Adil, Baluch Twins, are a couple of talented singers from Lyari. They were born and brought up in a well-educated family. Their father, Abdul Wahid is a professor and their mother is a teacher. Their parents always supported and encouraged them.

Asim and Adil are doing their bachelors in Media Arts from Karachi University. Their love for music was discovered when they started singing in their friends’ circle at a very young age. They started listening to different genres of music and participated in different singing competitions. After college, they properly started learning properly from their teacher, Shahzaib Ali at the Arts Council of Pakistan. After some time their talent was recognized by Braadri Broadcast. Braadri Broadcast is a live music video show featuring an all traditional.

Adil and Asim are also active in social work. They have been playing their part in many events and projects for social service through various platforms and obviously Being from Lyari, they cannot say no to the craze of football. They do not miss any match of their favorite teams and their favorite team is Germany. Being busy with their studies throughout the week, they always take some time to play football on weekends in the grounds nearby.

these talented twin brothers are determined to represent the Baloch community and traditions not only in Pakistan but at international platforms as well and to contribute to bringing a positive social change.