Meera’s comeback movie Baaji, which is a copy of a Bollywood movie Heroine, starred by Kareena Kapoor, is not a true imitation of Bollywood film ‘Heroine’.

Baaji is a biopic of Meera. It shows the process of filmmaking and gives insights into the industry. It shows how a Hollywood director (played by Osman Khalid Butt) casts a heroine (on a live TV show), how scripts are written (director acting the script out at his home with the secretary of the heroine only to be gatecrashed by the heroine herself), how an actress chooses her secretary (her manicurist who is fired from her job), among many other things. And to cap it off, the previous directorial venture of Butt’s character is called ‘Thief of hearts’. Subtle. The movie is also said to have a wide range of dance sequence including a waltz, a Lahori commercial stage number and also a cool club number. The cast surely seems excited and proud of the project as well.  

Film-maker Saqib Malik says about these rumors that film Baaji is different than other films because the story is unique. Our film is based on the cultural moment that we are facing in Pakistani cinema right now. The old order in cinema is dying and the new order is being brought in. In this moment of transition stands our character of Shameera, played by Meera. In ‘Baaji’, she’s at the precipice of losing it all. When you are an artist and your work is everything that feeds your soul, you get slightly unhinged when you stand to lose it.” 

Meera's character represents the struggle of so many working women in our society, especially in Pakistan and Amna Ilyas character Neha is a small town girl who dares to dream big. She works in a salon and her life.