If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves? 

Women face violence at every stage of their life. The violence is not only limited to within their families but also perpetrated outside their families. Recently it has been observed that domestic violence has increased due to the condition created by Lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic.

25th November is marked as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against by United Nations. During the pandemic, it has been reported that violence against women have intensified in different countries around the world - and by that we mean physical, emotional, mental, verbal and sexual violence. It is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating human rights violations in our world today but remains largely unreported due to silence, social stigma and shame surrounding it.

We all know households where women are subjected to different sorts of violence but what controlling measures are we taking?


Violence against women is the same for violence against men, just not evenly distributed But Mostly violent crimes against women are committed.

Violence against a woman is to strike or hit or kick or punch or shove, or push or slap or to throw an object at a woman, whether that woman is a stranger or a relative or your wife. To force or demand sexual activity from a woman when she is not willing is also violence against a woman.

The idea that the hitting is based on her being female. My personal definition is any hitting at all where the person being hit is female is violence against a woman, just as similar behavior toward a man would be violence against a man. If the person doing the hitting is male and the person being hit is female, the danger for serious harm is greater just because Most women are physically weaker than men and unable to defend themselves against the aggression.

There is the category of non-physical behavior, verbal abuse, or confining someone against their will. These kinds of violence may not leave bruises, but they are still acts of forcing one person’s will on another, and in the case of verbal abuse, there is an intent to cause harm. So, to make it very simple, violence against a woman or a man is any act or speaking that intends to cause her harm or to treat her or him with less dignity than one would wish for oneself.

Therefore, mostly women face violence in many forms at different stages of their life. They are one of the most vulnerable sections of our society, and it is our responsibility to give them self-respect that they deserve.

Domestic violence is a way of showing disrespect to the person who is living with you. No one stands to gain anything good out of the fight. If you are a person facing domestic abuse, you need to act and find help in anyway that you can. Please do not justify the violence doled out to you by your spouse/partner. There is no justification at all.

Domestic violence is NEVER EVER justified.