Anuptaphobia is the fear of staying single, but this definition says little about a fairly common phobia, and it doesn’t add that this fear doesn’t just encompass concern about being single. Some people suffer it in the form of being afraid of being married to the wrong person for life. Others more relate the term to gamophobia, which is fear of all things to do with marriage and weddings.

Basically, It is an irrational anxiety that develops when a person fears they may end up alone. While there may not be an actual threat of being alone, the person will still be unable to control their symptoms. The person may be unable to function normally until they no longer feel alone. When they are alone, they may feel a desperate need to end their solitude as soon as they can.

The pressure to find a life partner is a part of our world, the design of our society makes you want to find a partner and have kids. Traditionally, success meant committing to a suitable marriage and subsequently reproducing. Although many people don’t consider reproduction as the main reason to partner up anymore, it can become a factor. When we get to a certain age, leisure time seems to drastically decrease. Many of our peers have found significant others and their time for chatting and having fun goes way down.

If there’s a time when both genders feel the need to be in a relationship it’d probably be when both individuals are in their 30’s. This is also when a woman’s desire to be in a relationship can turn pathological. The way people talk about the biological clock ticking only intensifies the burden they feel, especially for those who are already vulnerable and regularly inundated with questions about their love life.

You have a tendency to try and push things that should be left alone. You go for men and women not because they’re right, but because they’re there. You settle for relationships and people because you’d rather settle now than strive for something later. You are so deathly terrified of being on your own that you’ll stay with someone you don’t even like.

Your mind is constantly preoccupied with antiquated notions of "the perfect life” and “happily ever after” that you don’t even see how good your real life is. You obsess over things beyond your control, creating delusions and fantasies of a life even cartoons don’t properly achieve. You forget to look around you and enjoy the moments because you’re constantly obsessing over the wrong ones. Your future husband or wife is never going to find you if you're too busy creating fake ones.

You feel painfully incomplete. You feel as if you’re walking around with a gaping wound, the other half of you missing. You are not completely present when people talk to you because you feel you have nothing good to offer. You created paranoid delusions in your head. You think that because you are single, you are worthless. Because you are alone, you have nothing to offer. Yet what you don't realize is your inadequacy is all in your head. People in relationships look at you in awe of your single status, and if you just started to appreciate it the way others envied it, you'd see how great it is to be alive and just living for yourself.

You get worked up when you are by yourself for too long. You never understood the idea of enjoying your own company and would rather die before living in an apartment by yourself. You fill your company with friends you don’t even like and have sex that’s so bad it should be illegal. You don't want to get used to your own company because you never want to have to rely on it. You figure that if you avoid ever getting to the point at which you enjoy spending time alone, you'll never have to fall back on it.

People with specific phobias like autophobia are often treated with psychotherapy. The most common types are exposure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

However, Happiness is not achieved through one template or checklist. Lots of people are in romantic relationships and not happy, lots of people have kids and aren’t happy, lots of people have money and aren’t happy, etc. You’re going to have to define your own happiness if you’re ever going to get it. And if that definition includes love, take a breath and start brainstorming. Worrying alone isn’t going to do you any good, and on the flip side hitting on everything that moves (whether they want you to or not) isn’t going to do you much good either. Set your standards (basic dignity and respect is a must, but don’t expect fealty or subservience, that’s not healthy), go for it, and accept rejections as they are and try elsewhere.