Another Day, Another Tragedy, Another incident, Another Rape..!! But the question here is till when? How to stop this? Where is the state? How many more Zainab’s have to face the brutal rapists?

In this world, 90 countries in lockdown, four billion people are now sheltering at home from the global contagion of COVID-19. It’s a protective measure, but it brings another deadly danger. We see a shadow pandemic growing, of violence, rape, and killing of women. 

The motorway case remains unsolved while more & more horrifying cases of sexual assault are being reported. Today, Another Zainab fell prey to monsters as the two-and-a-half-year-old(29-months-old) girl child was raped and killed in Charsadda.

The horrific incident came to light as police said the body of the little girl who had gone missing on Wednesday, was found from fields. Later, a medical board confirmed that she was raped. Moreover, the report also revealed that her body had torture marks and she was stabbed multiple times.

Rape, Killing, violence against women is a routine matter now, every day so many cases report of child sexual abuse or women abuse, and many more who are not reported. This little ZAINAB is the latest addition to the series of horrendous acts reported in the country where children, especially girls, are raped and killed. 

After the motorway incident, the CCPO had enough courage to blame the victim for the rape. He said while talking to the media, questioned the woman’s choices to head out with her children late at night and not checking the gas tank in advance. I really want to ask him now is still you blame the little Zainab?

How many more Zainab’s will it take for us to hold men accountable for their actions and push to hang rapists?

After each incident of sexual abuse that makes headlines, with many people using the #JusticeForZainab hashtag to demand better protection for minors but We can raise our voices, trend hashtags, get outraged, but unless there is the swift implementation of laws, this vicious cycle will continue.

Everyday Women/children raped, biscuits ads being banned & policemen telling us we deserve to be raped&that's not half of it. Such incidents would shake the entire world but No justice will be delivered, the only difference is Zainab's pic will be added here until the next victim.

In Pakistan, I think on this point where every woman asks herself "Am I safe in this Country or will I be safe, or am I the next victim?".