The newborn baby pulling a doctor's surgical mask has become a symbol of hope amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has forced people to wear face masks while stepping out of their homes to reduce the risk of the transmission of the viral infection. The photo is giving netizens hope for a better future.

This photo is going viral doing rounds on social media and people are referring to it as #SymbolOfHope.

The photo was shared by UAE-based gynecologist Dr. Samer Cheaib. The doctor can be seen holding the newborn baby in his hands as it pulls his mask revealing his giant smile. The photo was posted on his Instagram capturing the new-born in the first moments of his life and the little one tried to remove the mask from his face. The doctor captioned: We are all waiting for the signal to remove the masks and return to the routine.

The photo has become a symbol of today & hope. Here's to a good future and hope that we will be roaming out without masks like we used to.