With just a few taps on our phones, we could easily get food delivered at our doorstep these days. While with too much convenience sometimes slow internet connection and glitches in apps can cause mix-ups and problems.

A 7-year-old girl in the Philippines found around 42 Foodpanda delivery riders standing outside her door. Over 40 taps later, she was finally able to place a successful order, not knowing the previous ones had all gone through. When the girl sees this she burst into tears.

All the Foodpanda riders were seen turning up, almost in unison, each carrying at least two boxes of McDonald’s fried chicken fillets with fries for the girl and her grandma. On that fateful day, the 7-year-old’s parents had left her with a smartphone so she could order food for her and her grandma.

It's safe to say that she hadn't expected an entire platoon of riders to show up the sight of which drove her to tears. While a bag of chicken fillet costs only 189 pesos (S$5.30), she would have had to pay 7,938 pesos for the sheer quantity delivered. The girl only had enough money to pay for a single order.

However, the neighbors came to her rescue and helped her buy the remaining food. All we can say is all's well that ends well.