April fools day the day prank lovers everywhere come out to show the best they’ve got and the day the rest of us are reminded how not amusing most of the shenanigans end up being here.

Here are 10 April fools pranks that went very very wrong

Hooters Toyota contest 2001

A waitress who was told she’d win a Toyota if she sold the most beer was instead given a toy Yoda doll. She sued the restaurant and according to her lawyer got an undisclosed settlement that would enable her to pick out whatever type of Toyota she wants.

Playboy Romanians wife-beating instructions 2000

The article ran was titled how to beat your wife without leaving marks and written as if it had been penned by a police officer the magazine’s deputy editor initially defended the piece Playboy Enterprises soon stepped in and issued an international apology.

The taco Liberty bell 1996

People love tacos and the liberty bell but apparently not together when the fast food chain announced via full-page newspaper ads that they purchased and renamed the national icon a whole lot of protesting ensued Taco Bell went public with their prank later in the day.

Murdered Husband 2013

A Tennessee woman called her sister in a panic and said “Helen I shot my husband I’m cleaning at the mass lets go Berryman black water” instead of rushing over with a shovel Helen told another family member who in turn called the police the prankster was taken into custody.

Athens pollution disaster 1982

A broadcaster for Greece’s national radio network called for a full evacuation of the center of Athens due to the high pollution levels chaos and six-figure lawsuits followed.

Superglued Walmart toilet seat 2011

In a prank attempt that had no chance of being funny somebody put superglue on a toilet seat in a Walmart public restroom, the unfortunate victim required the assistance of several emergency crews and medical professionals.

Dihydrogen monoxide scare 2013

Two-morning radio hosts announced that area residents had dihydrogen monoxide coming out of their faucets while those who took a moment to google the term learned that it meant water most didn’t the local utilities were flooded with panic calls the duel was quickly removed from the air but put back on two days.

Romanian Prison released in 2000

After reading a piece in a newspaper 60 people thought their friends and loved once were getting out of prison they arrived only to be told April fool’s.

Racially office prank

Somehow a group of grown professionals thought it would be hilarious to draw one of their co-workers as a drug-addicted monkey and they posted it for all to see the jury in that case actually awarded punitive damages not only because of what the employees had but also because of what the managers failed to do and they didn’t take any remedial action or try to help in any way.

Erupting Hill in Boston

In 1980, with some clever edits, broadcasters from a local television station were able to convince people that a hill was erupting like a volcano. The April Fool’s part of their prank didn’t come until the end of the segment it was too late as viewers had already started to react as if it were real.